Bird Feed – Feeding our nature’s life’s.

Choosing the bird feed carefully of high quality so that the birds can get the proper nutrition from it. Getting timely feed results in better health of birds and facilities lower mortality rate amongst them and can save several endangered species. It helps to restore the balance of nature. Bird feeds are specially designed to provide all the vital nutrients to birds so that their body functions well and their health remains in great condition. CMS INDUSTRIES is the largest leading supplier and exporter of Bird Feed across the whole world.

Here is the list of different bird feed:

Milky/ Creamy White Sorghum, Yellow/ CH 5 Sorghum, Sorghum, Red Sorghum, Snow White Sorghum, Grey Millet/Bajra, Green Millet/Bajra, Yellow Millet/ Bajra, Red Bajra Millet/ Bajra, Yellow Corn/Maize, Maize Corn/Broken and White Maize/ Corn.