Rice – Best for nourishing human body.

Rice is the edible starchy cereal grain and the grass plant. It is the world’s most important staple food and a versatile grain used for making the numerous dishes. Rice are rich in carbohydrates which is the important source of energy and a powerful fuel for the brain. It can contain decent amounts of fibre, protein, vitamin B, iron and manganese. It is the most important human food crop in the world, directly feeding more people than any other crop. CMS INDUSTRIES is the leading supplier of providing the quality rice across the whole world.

Here is the list of different rice:

Indian White Rice (Broken 5 %), IR 64 Parboiled Rice (Broken 5 %), IR 64 Paramal Silky Sortex Rice (Broken 5 %), Raw Rice (Broken 25 %), Raw Rice (Broken 100 %) and Sona Masoori Steam Rice (Broken 5 %).